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We are the leading Industrial Hygienists, Environmental Hygienists, Certified Mold Inspectors, & Certified Mold Remediators in U.S.A.  We are the premier company for mold removal Brooklyn. Some of our services include:

 Building Mold Inspection          Mold Inspector          Mold Expert Consultants                  Mold Training           Free Mold Advice

mold removal Brooklyn
removing mold

Do you have mold in your home? Struggling to get rid of it? Then you need to call the Mold Marines.

Mold Marines can fight mold anywhere. We will find, inspect and kill the toxic mold infesting your home. We also deal with volatile organic compounds (such as formaldehyde, methylene chloride, and tetrachloroethylene)

If you are in the Brooklyn area, be sure to check out Mold Removal Brooklyn for tips and advice on how to better secure your home from a mold infestation.

Are you a victim of Mold? You can contact the Mold Victims Rights Association or Verified Brooklyn Mold Lawyers. They can help you if you fit any of the descriptions below:

  1. Working in a moldy workplace?
  2. Renting a moldy rental house, apartment, or condo?
  3. Sick from staying in a moldy hotel, motel or resort room?
  4. Living in a moldy home purchased from a seller or new home builder who failed to disclose known mold infestations?
  5. Making mortgage payments to a lender for a moldy house, condo, or commercial building?
  6. Being unable to pay for needed mold remediation because your insurance has wrongfully denied your water or mold damage insurance claim?
  7. Living or working in a moldy house or building that was improperly or incompletely mold remediated by a mold remediation company?
  8. Attending school or teaching or working in a school that is mold infested?

Get justice by contacting Mold Removal Brooklyn or the Mold Victim Rights Association Today!